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2022 Gingerbread Competition Results

People's Choice Gingerbread House
Dianna Carraway

People's Choice Crabpot Christmas Tree
Down East Strong sponsored by Booth Parker

Furthest Traveled
Rachel Chadwick (Jacksonville)

Adult Division Winners

 1st Place - Dianna Carraway 

 2nd Place - Georgia Minnich 

 3rd Place - Rachel Chadwick 

Teen Division Winners

 1st Place - Simone Pelley 

 2nd Place - Croatan High School -  Alvarez & Stratford 

 3rd Place - CCC Food Service Technologies 

Youth Division Winners

 1st Place - Hannah Broadhurst 

 2nd Place - Katelyn & Reagan Witham 

 3rd Place - Cappie Zamora 

Child Division Winners

 1st Place - White Oak Elementary -   Mrs. Lee's 2nd Grade Class 

 2nd Place - White Oak Elementary -  Mrs. Worth's 2nd Grade Class 

 3rd Place - White Oak Elementary -  Mrs. Latham's 2nd Grade Class 

Pint Size Division Winner

 1st Place - Tyler Witham 

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